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Finding the perfect jacket/rain cloth for your before or after work practice is not always the easiest job. We all have specific needs and like to practice sport in different ways. Buying additional accessories to add them over our sport cloth is the only option today to get to this comfort of a custom made equipment.

Fragment offers you the experience of making your own jacket adapted to your needs and your sport practice. Based on a unique jacket choose to add more or less accessories on it. Do you need more pocket? a smartphone pocket on the sleeve to have access to your music while running or to your map while cycling? May be you need more breathing areas? Add few zipper nets where you would like to have them. Thanks to the fragment website editor you can custom your own jacket and have all the accessories heat welded and becoming part of your cloth. The jacket comes alive at night, when the light turns on and light up the all top. You are now visible and safe blinking in the dark.

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