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Every morning I like to bike those few miles to my job  and it always makes my day starting the better. Always going by the same serie of traffic lights, all aligned, they all turn green or red at the same moment. By accelerating and slowing down at some point I was able to pass them all green, but this was only for the very lucky days! Most of the time I was too slow or too fast so I had to stop at least once, sometime up the hill. It quickly became like an everyday challenge to pass all those lights without stopping.

I believe I am not alone in this situation so I thought about a cycling navigagtion device what would help you to anticipate, manage you effort and make your ride around the city more efficient.
As this packaging doesn’t need to offer any second life after opening I was looking for something 100% ecofriendly and lowcost by reducing the number of parts. Here just an simple box what can be used as a shipper and inside a single piece of molded paper pulp folded on the product as a shell. This offers a nice and quick reveal of the module.
The module offers two different levels of information. Fisrt,  just follow the light bar to know the direction to go.
Then some deeper details are displayed on the colored e-paper screen in order to help you to make your ride more efficient.
As simple as the module is to lock on your handlebar the user experience must be approachable and very intuitive. After installing the Orion extension on your google map application, then you are good to go.

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