Every second counts

Triathlon is all about versality and being able to practice 3 very different sports at the highest level, swimming, cycling and running. Each of those sports are asking very specific and adapted equipment what the athlete has to switch between at a point. It is at this transition moment that he can own time if he has easy and quick equipment to change. 

In my discussions with few different triathlete the transition between cycling and running appeared very important as the last transition of the competition. Both running and cycling needs shoe equipment, cycling is asking rigidity of the sole, strong tightness and a pedal fixation while running is all about flexibility, shock absorption, comfort and grip ability.

The riflex shoes concept is about the combination those two very different shoes in a unique one keeping the best of each as much as possible. Thanks to an internally structured sole and a specific pedal the shoes can switch from rigid to flexible state. 
The RIFLEX board folds once clipped on the pedal and becomes rigid
The RIFLEX board sole is totally flexible for running

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