Sharing our memories is one of the things we all love to do the most with our family.The Galaxy mate offers new and easy way to manage, to pass down and to share our memories & passions to our entourage thanks the pico-projector and its application.

First immerse yourself & your family into your memories thanks to the compact projector bringing great images and sound to illustrate your stories. In the other hand, the application allows to synchronize all your phone app’s data in one only interface. No need to jump from app to app to show them all. That way, you have a direct access to all your personal photos and videos from a single app. This app gives you the control of the slide show and pico-settings aswell.

We ran this student project as design manager of team of four designers in partnership with Samsung electronic office, Delhi city, India lead by Sargheve Sukumaran.
‘‘ I always take many photos and videos every day with my smartphone and I love to show them to my family. But my smartphone is too small to show my memories to everyone, and I have some personal ones I want to keep only for mysel. " - Dominique
Turns on once open  - Long throw projection / Short throw projection  -  Integrated speaker in the back

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